The City of Red Deer

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Fitness & Wellness

Improve your health and wellness with a variety of programs for all fitness levels. Choose from Spin, Boot Camp, Zumba®, Yoga, and many others.

Child Programs

Discover a variety of fitness programs geared towards children age 6 & up.

Family Programs

Find a variety of fitness and wellness classes for all ages.

Fitness Programs

Get in shape with a variety of aerobic and strength training classes.

Fusion Programs

Discover a mix of yoga, pilates and fitness conditioning all rolled into one.

Gentle Fitness Programs

Explore low or non impact fitness classes to keep you active and moving.

Health and Nutrition Programs

Learn about nutrition and wellness to keep you on track and achieving your goals.

Indoor Cycling

Find a variety of heart pumping, group cycling classes to suit your needs.

Self Defense Classes

Find a class to learn strategies for personal safety.


Choose from various practices to help balance your mind, body and spirit.